Teacher, Coach, Mentor

Theatre is a transformative art – physically, emotionally, spiritually – and at the same time it is also profoundly humanizing.  Theatre asks the big questions about what it means to be human. My pedagogical strategies are driven by my desire to awaken and activate students to connect to themselves, as well as with ideas, places, people and events through empathy – to make room for the possibility of transformation. I am committed to helping students discover where their individual inspiration lies, while also providing the skills and tools necessary to imagine, trust, and respect their craft.


Are you having trouble connecting to a character?  Let's work together to discover where this character lives in you.  I will take you through character investigations from both an internal and external perspective, so that both worlds can work together in creating a fully realized and embodied character.

Voice & Speech

Do you feel disconnected from your voice? from your body? Or maybe you need a better understanding of an accent or dialect for an upcoming project?  Breath is the key to accessing emotional impulse. Using Linklater based exercises, we will unlock the voice that is already within you, so that you can communicate efficiently, effectively, and in a way that is authentic to you.

Musical Theatre

My approach to musical theatre technique is a marriage of text and song - the words inform the music and vice versa.  Together, we will explore the emotional life of the character through the lyrics text and learn how the melody supports the character's journey.  I can help you navigate difficult musical passages with technical precision while keeping you engaged and invested with the emotional arc of the story.

Are you ready to reveal the real you?  Contact me and let's start working!

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